Pricing for home inspections from Blue Ridge Home Inspections

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

A home inspection from Blue Ridge Home Inspections is more than just an inspection report. With us, you'll have an ally on your side to make the home buying or selling process as stress-free as possible. Below you'll find estimates for our inspection services.

Get in touch with us if you would like a more detailed estimate, or to schedule your home inspection.

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General Home Inspections Price
0 to 500 sqft. $325
501 to 1000 sqft. $350
1001 to 1500 sqft. $375
1501 to 2000 sqft. $400
2001 to 2500 sqft. $425
2501 to 3000 sqft. $450
3001 to 3500 sqft. $500
3501 to 4000 sqft. $525
4001 to 4500 sqft. $550
4501 to 5000 sqft. $575
Over 5000 sqft. $600 + 25ยข per sqft.
Older Homes (55 years and older) + $50
Additional Units (price may vary) + $50
Radon Testing Price
We use state-of-the-art Corentium Pro radon testing systems with four highly accurate passive diffusion chambers to ensure precise results.
Radon test with inspection $125
Radon test without inspection $175
Radon test for additional areas + $35
Water Quality Testing Price
Basic Water Quality Test
E.Coli & Total Coliform
FHA/VA Loan Requirement Water Test
E.Coli, Total Coliform, Lead, Copper, Nitrates & Nitrites
Pro Water Quality Test (50 substances)
3-day turnaround
Radon Water Testing Up to 7-day turnaround $110
Discounts Price
Combine Water & Radon Testing - $20
VA / Military - $40
Other Services & Fees Price
Thermal Imaging - Full Home Scan $75
Quick Video Walk-Through $40
Pest Inspection (WDIR)
Prices may vary. Performed by a 3rd-party.
Septic Inspections
Prices may vary. Performed by a 3rd-party.
Call for Pricing
Fuel Surcharge
Over 50 miles
+ $30

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Let us know when you would like to have your inspection. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible to confirm the date and get more information. If we can't fit you in on the date you've chosen, then we'll work with you to find an available date that fits nicely into your schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns before scheduling your inspection, please contact us and we will be happy to address them.